Friday 5th August 2011 was just the start of a weeklong rioting surge from youths across the UK. What started off as a gathering of people outside a police station requesting answers about the death of Mark Duggan who was shot by police officers the previous day, turned into frustration, rioting, looting and rage.

The images above are from events that unfolded on Monday 8th August. I popped out to grab a late lunch from the local bakery and noticed several riot vans making their way down Mare Street.

In the bakery, I mentioned to the lady serving me that there were quite a large number of riot vans in the immediate area, and that she might be safer closing up for the afternoon to avoid the trouble. As several more riot vans passed the shop window, she responded her husband wanted them to stay open. With raised eyebrows, I told her to stay safe.

On my way back to the studio there was a strange calmness in the air, very still, not many people around. On my return to the studio, a friend announced that Hackney Central was on fire. I grabbed my cameras and ran down.

I decided to call it a day after taking the picture of the youth looking straight into the lens as he ran straight towards me with a rock.