Left Behind

Here’s the latest picture I shot last week to be added to my ‘Left Behind’ series. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the project, here’s little bit about it:

'Many people are familiar with the estate agent photography and the typical style of imagery. This series shows that there is another life behind the mundane picture maker imprint of people's homes. Left Behind was produced when I worked for JAC Stratton Estate Agents as their in-house photographer. I spent most of the day alone, inside properties by myself. I began to notice something in almost every one of these empty spaces. Something had been 'Left Behind'. Whether it was a picture frame or an imprint in the carpet, these things started to become prominent and more interesting to me. The eeriness of the houses, the fact the central heating hadn't been on for months, the dust, the smell, the echoes of lives lived, all contributed to making an otherwise boring job suddenly much more interesting. I felt a connection with the people who had made a life for themselves in these now empty and rather soulless places. My interest was peeked by these mystery objects and I couldn't help thinking about the people who had lived there previously and noticing the remnants of there time in the house. I was intrigued.'

I always like to touch base with the project and source properties that are empty for me to document.