Aftenposten - David Nicholls



Earlier this year I photographed author David Nicholls for Aftenposten A-magazine. Searching for a suitable location within the Barbican where his office is situated, we settled on a small park within the tall tower blocks which I never new existed. A great spot for all you romantics out there.

You can read the full interview here:


Kartell - Ron Arad

At the beginning of this year, I got a call from Kartell to shoot Ron Arad; an industrial designer, artist, and architect. Recently published on their website, the brief was to capture Ron’s personality through a variety of poses to be used alongside several other famous designers portraits. I recalled the last time I photographed Ron and I don’t think he gave me anymore more than 10 minutes … so this was going to be a challenge. 

Aftenposten - 'Success' feature

For the past few months, I have have being working with Aftenposten, one of Norway’s largest newspapers. This story was shot for the weekend supplement and it featured successful Norwegians who live outside their home country. The first, Paal Kibsgaard, is Chief Executive officer of Schlumberger Limited; the worlds largest oilfield services company. Photographed at the Sofitel hotel in London’s Piccadilly, I only had about 15minutes with him before his driver whisked him off to the airport!

The second subject was a little further away.. The setting was Rome, and the subject was Elisabeth Rasmusson, who is Assistant Executive Director of The World Food Programme. I spent two days with Elisabeth, accompanying her on her daily walks and at work during a very tense conference call to other directors of WFP from all over the world.

Paul Cocksedge Studio - 'Double O' Bike Light

Here we go folks, get backing and spread the word. Introducing ‘Double O’s’. A campaign I recently shot for my brother Paul’s studio.

Discover Double O. Bike lights that are simple, safe and secure. They attach magnetically, charge with USB and lock to your bike! Bike lights come in all shapes and sizes but none as practical and as stylish as Double O’s. They are as much a part of your bike as you are.

Please visit the link: 'Double O' to back the project on Kickstarter and make this product be put into production. Enjoy!.

Tatler - The next generation of polo superstars

"Ponies thunder across fields, millionaires swarm the skies in their choppers, absurdly handsome Argentinians squeeze themselves into tight white jeans - there is nothing quite like a polo season in full swing. By Matthew Bell"

This month’s Tatler features a lovely story about the next generation of polo superstars. I was given exclusive access to photograph them at ‘The La Aguada Guards Youth Tournament’ in Cowarth Park.

Tatler Magazine - Feature: Dame Archer’s Cat, Sunita

Slightly random but a very challenging commission to say the least. I got the call from Tatler to pop along to Lord and Lady Archer’s house and photograph their Cat, Sunita, for the Pet of the Month feature.

In my mind I thought this should be a fairly straight forward job, a few quirky set ups and home by lunch! So I drove on down with a load of props (old vintage milk bottles, scones, tea cups and saucers) and started planning my shots. I don’t know why I thought this but I started to set up my lighting as if the cat was going to walk straight in, sit down, and look straight into the camera, like most portraits I shoot. Disaster. I had my assistant Gary jumping up and down, chasing, clapping his hands, trying anything to get Sunita’s attention. The front of house lady was tempting Sunita into position with her favourite treat, but the peanut butter proved to be too alluring and all I could hope to get at that point was the top of her head as she lapped up her apparent prize.

Something needed to change. After a quick brew and some light conversation, we came up with the idea of setting up the milk bottles by the back door and knocking one of the bottles over, spilling the milk. Sunita ran over, through the flowers, past my lights and started mopping up the dripping milk. The great moment came when the milk started to look scarce and for those precious few seconds, Sunita lifted her head up, stared straight down the lens and gave me the shot I was looking for. Of course we had to reward her with another spilt milk bottle.

The Oriental Club - London

It’s been a while since my last blog post but Iv finally found the time to show you what I’ve been up to. Well, it’s been a very busy start to the year and here is a project that has recently been completed.

Last month I spent the weekend at The Oriental Club in Bond Street documenting the interior and staff for The Narrative design agency. Here is a sneak preview of some of the pictures … I’m looking forward to the seeing the launch of the new website and promotion!

Stay tuned for more work …

DAMn Magazine - PearsonLloyd

Here’s a job I shot towards the end of last year. 
Commissioned by DAMn Magazine, I got sent to shoot Luke Pearson & Tom Lloyd of PearsonLloyd at their studio is Shoreditch, London. 

"It is heartening to hear that an old dog can sometimes learn new tricks. In regard to the design duo Pearson and Lloyd, they have seen fit to revise their hitherto successful practice of 15 years and to go about their role as designers in a different way. Moving from solid products for established brands to sensitive office solutions and clever methods for countering aggression in the emergency section of hospital waiting rooms, is a leap they have found highly fulfilling." Words by Anna Bates.

If you don’t manage to get hold of a copy, you can read part of it here:

Enjoy and Happy 2013!


It’s finally here folks … hope you like the finished set of pictures!


Paul Cocksedge was commissioned to create a distinct auditorium area for the 100% Design Show at Earls Court during the London Design Festival, September 2012.

His ‘Auditorium’ moves away from conventional methods of creating a confined space: blocks, solid planes, edges. Instead, a virtually invisible material is brought on-site to be delicately woven by hand into a system as complex and transparent as a spider’s web. The process only ends when the space has been properly defined within what has now become a partition, but not a wall. Open, but confined; translucent and yet solid, the ‘Auditorium’ network plays with our notions of exterior and interior space, wherethey begin and where they end.

Paul explains: “The Auditorium has given me a chance to work with things that on the surface seem mutually exclusive: open/shut, inside/outside, solid/transparent… The partition marks the Auditorium’s border, but what defines that border is that you can see and hear and even reach through it…”

Kane Husbands - Actor, Choreographer, Director

What a smile! This is Kane Husbands - Actor, Choreographer and Director for the National Youth Theatre ( NYT ). I first photographed Kane at NYT’s rehearsal studios for the Team Welcome build up for the 2012 Olympics. For those of you that know him, he has since trimmed down the afro into the creation above.

Kane commissioned me to shoot his portrait with his new look.

Molly Russell - 'Dearly Departed'

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently. This is a combination of deciding what to blog, the relevance and importance of it, forgetting, having work that distracts me ( which is a good thing ) and lastly breaking my hand 7 weeks ago.

Despite all of the above, here is a selection of what I have been working on recently … some assignments I have had to leave out due to it not being printed yet but I can tell you that one of them is a Cover!

"Dearly Departed, exhibiting at Arch 402 in Hoxton this Sept, presents an intriguing series of twelve life-sized animal coffins, stretching from a 4.5 metre giraffe to a meerkat.

The daughter of the late Ken Russell, Molly has created a highly ambitious exhibition about her childhood experience. Also featured will be a collection of floral tributes, animations and photography that all look to explore the ambiguous relationship between animal and human psyche, as well as our attitudes towards death.”
Gallery open to public: Fri 28th Sept to Thu 4th Oct.
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Below are a selection of images from my stay near Vichy in France. I spent some time documenting the parachuters jumping off the Panramique des Dome which Im pleased to announce had just installed a tram connecting the bottom to the top!

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This is Frances Russell - the owner of The White Rabbit Tearoom in Nottingham. If you find yourself in the area, pop by … I recommend the scones!

Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

I was delighted to get the call from the lovely Elspeth Rae to document the installations for Clerkenwell Design Week this year. As the rain departed the UK and the Sun set base for those threes day in May, I walked around the area of Clerkenwell documenting the designs and installations of artists such as Ross Lovegrove, Bolon & Missoni and Draisci Studio - and many more! Above are just few of the images taken.

'Pages Of' - Blanch & Shock Feature

'Pages Of' is a new culture and urbanism magazine created and edited by Cecilia Lindgren & Crystal Bennes. I was very pleased to recieve a call from Cecilia to shoot a photo based story on the very experimental cooking duo Blanch & Shock for their pilot issue - “The Challenge: Ditching the liquid nitrogen and the water baths to turn back the clocks via the magic of charity-shop cookbooks. Sadly, the resulting food was pretty bloody dire and we can safely say that Vincent Price won't be making a comeback any time soon.”

Available to buy at:

London Design Week

It was such a joy to receive a phone call from London Design Festival to document an interior in Belgrave Square - Hyde Park, to be finally used as part of design week in September.

My assignment was very straight forward - but I couldn’t help notice that some of the details and features started to intrigue me. It was almost as if the house had been abandoned years ago and it’s possessions were in places that seemed genuine. In a way, the pictures have the same underlying tone as my ‘Left Behind’ series.

Milan Design Week 2012

Another Milan Design Week completed! 

I keep forgetting how much walking you do in the short amount of time when at the Design Festival … 
( not-to-self - forget about looking cool during the day, where trainers! )

I was drawn to the Ingo Maurer show that featured lot’s of new one-off objects plus the latest version of the LED Wallpaper … all fantastic but what grabbed my attention was the adapted 'biotope' and 'johnny b. butterfly' wall which consists of hand-made insects, each a work of art on their own - they flutter out of natural sponges which conceal the source of light and filter the colourful and diverse lumens that are emitted from it. ( First two images )

Left Behind

Here’s the latest picture I shot last week to be added to my ‘Left Behind’ series. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the project, here’s little bit about it:

'Many people are familiar with the estate agent photography and the typical style of imagery. This series shows that there is another life behind the mundane picture maker imprint of people's homes. Left Behind was produced when I worked for JAC Stratton Estate Agents as their in-house photographer. I spent most of the day alone, inside properties by myself. I began to notice something in almost every one of these empty spaces. Something had been 'Left Behind'. Whether it was a picture frame or an imprint in the carpet, these things started to become prominent and more interesting to me. The eeriness of the houses, the fact the central heating hadn't been on for months, the dust, the smell, the echoes of lives lived, all contributed to making an otherwise boring job suddenly much more interesting. I felt a connection with the people who had made a life for themselves in these now empty and rather soulless places. My interest was peeked by these mystery objects and I couldn't help thinking about the people who had lived there previously and noticing the remnants of there time in the house. I was intrigued.'

I always like to touch base with the project and source properties that are empty for me to document.